The Vault Tampa Bay

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The Vault Tampa Bay

"The Vault has been a wonderful experience for me and my 1976 Porsche 911 Targa. Having stored the Porsche in my garage for years, it was left with dents and minor damage. After restoring the entire car, I wanted to make sure this didn't happen in the future. It's safe, covered and on a trickle charge and ready for use at any time. The facilities are upscale. Thank you Rick for watching over my baby!"

Mike M.
Tampa, FL

"The Vault has been the extra personal garage I always needed! Convenient location easy access when I need it, completely secure. You can't beat The Vault."

Kieran M.
Tampa, FL

"I would highly recommend "The Vault". I was pleasantly surprised that such a facility even existed in Tampa. The place is spotless, looks fantastic, and more importantly it is discrete on the outside and more secure than Fort Knox! On top of that the owner, Rick, will bend over backwards to accommodate your in-and-out (and other) requirements. First rate facility and service!"

Greg D.
Tampa, FL

"The Vault, what an amazing place to preserve and store your investment cars. From the time you walk in you can see that The Vault is a very special place. Rick has made it very easy for me to access my cars and I appreciate that. There's nothing like this anywhere in this region of Florida. I could live there."

Mike J.
St. Petersburg, FL

"The Vault has been a godsend for me - a Canadian snowbird with a nice "pied-a-terre" in Sarasota but not enough garage space and, most importantly, not enough security to leave my babies. With The Vault, I have found a place that, not only provides total security and ideal environmental conditions to store exotic cars, it is conveniently located 5 minutes from Tampa airport. To top it off, Rick is always available to personally take care of whatever needs I may have. It just doesn't get better than this. Thank you, Rick, for taking care of me and my ponies!"

Kenneth T.
Toronto, Canada

"I would highly recommend The Vault for storage of your car. I'm from Canada and fly into our place in Palm Harbour in the fall, winter and spring. I needed a safe place near the airport to leave my BMW M6 when I'm not there. Having it at The Vault gave me peace of mind. Also having Rick there to pick me up and drop me off at the airport made it very convenient. Before The Vault, my only option was Public Storage and Airport Parking. I would highly recommend The Vault for your car storage needs."

Rick I.
Toronto Canada

"Working with The Vault was a great experience; highly responsive, responsible and respectful. Rick worked diligently to sell my classic 1970 280SL Mercedes, showcasing it in many different markets that I would not have known to pursue on my own. His customer service was also superb. Rick took care of all the details; detailing the car to marketing and answered all my questions even before I thought of them. All I had to do was to sign the title once we sold it. I would recommend The Vault to everyone who's ever considered consignment."

Bill B.
Tampa, FL

"I was a customer of the vault for almost two years and still would be today if I hadn't moved to a new residence that had space for my cars. I found The Vault to be the epitome of what " customer focus " means. The Vault was always accommodating, friendly and caring when I needed to access my cars. The " Vault" truly is a vault!! The Vault cared not only about meeting my needs but I could tell he cared about my cars even, when I wasn't there. When I needed permanent or temporary storage of my important vehicles, I found The Vault to be a great solution."

Jerry R.
Tampa, FL

"Where else can you keep your prized possession(s) in a beautiful, clean, secure environment - where the owner has them uncovered and ready to go when you arrive and upon your return dusts and covers them the next day after they cool down.

I first met Rick at local car shows. When he described his then new facility, in all honesty, I thought he must be exaggerating. Kept his brochure in my desk and when we moved and my cars needed a new home, I contacted him. Well, I was blown away as everything he said about The Vault was true. My cars called The Vault home for several years. During that time, Rick always tried his best to accommodate my scheduling needs and often made special trips to open and close The Vault for me. I would highly recommend The Vault to anyone who wants a truly first class facility to "preserve and store" their fine cars."

Don van W.
St. Petersburg, FL

"The Vault became invaluable to the preservation and storage of my Porsche GT3, as well myself. The Vault is defiantly a top-notch facility and I've always felt comfortable leaving my car there. Rick is a detail oriented car enthusiast who takes just as much care of others as if they were his own. I would highly recommend The Vault to anyone looking for a premium secure car storage solution."

Ben B.
Tampa, FL

"My experience with Rick Ivester and the Vault have been nothing short of outstanding. As a DOD officer with a classic car and due to transfer to a place where I could not take the car, I researched every possible avenue for storage and maintenance in the Tampa Bay area and beyond - the Vault was the hands down winner for a number of reasons and ended up exceeding expectations on a number of levels. My car was delivered needing maintenance (as I had just inherited it), and Rick was able to not only find the best mechanic but arrange transfer and return without issue while I was gone. The car was maintained in top running condition the entire time (with trickle charge), and when the opportunity arose to get it detailed by a professional detailer, that was done at very little cost. When I came to pick up the car after retirement, it was in better condition than I left it. This was my Dad's car and Rick took care of it as if it was his own. That is the business model of the Vault - if you are a car enthusiast, Rick treats your car like his own. It's an outstanding operation and business that I would highly recommend without reservation."

Stephen R. L.
Albuquerque, NM

"After many years of waiting, I finally own my dream Ferrari Spider. I searched the Web to find a place to store it for a few months, I was moving houses. How glad I am that I have found The Vault. No better place to keep your car in top condition. The Vault is superbly maintained, climate and humidity controlled. Get the car when you come to town (Rick will pick you up if needed at Tampa International airport!), bring it back when you leave. Between your visits you can have your car detailed, serviced by the dealer, or whatever the car needs; it's like getting into a new car every time!! If you are a car fanatic, you will also find there's a lot of car and racing memorabilia that truly make the place awesome. Even some cigar stuff!! Also found a friend there; Rick, the owner is a great guy and cigar lover; he will do everything he can to accommodate your schedule so you can come get your car any time you want. All in all I loved my experience at The Vault and used it for a lot longer than I initially planned. Took my car out to bring it up north for the summer and I hope there is a spot for her in the future."

Yvon P.
Edgewood, KY

"The Vault has been a great place to store my Porsche. The Vault is located 5 minutes from Tampa International Airport so when I fly down I have quick access to my car and when it's time to fly home I can be sure my car is secure in the climate and humidity controlled environment then Rick drives me to the airport - very convenient. Plus all the Automobilia and Rick's knowledge of and his commitment to Exotic and Classic cars makes the experience at The Vault fun."

Michael R.
Venetia, PA

"I had the pleasure of learning about The Vault's Consignment program through a friend. After my visit, I immediately consigned my 2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage S with The Vault. I have to say without Rick's help I wouldn't have been able to sell the Aston. I had several very interested prospects before I consigned with The Vault. However, I was always unavailable to show the Aston which lead to numerous missed opportunities. The Vault's facility has the "wow" factor. When consigning a vehicle with a dealer it will be sitting outside in the elements. The Vault has climate controlled storage and a great presentation when prospective buyers arrive. Rick setup a table with all information on the vehicle presented nicely. Rick was extremely thorough and attentive. He sold my car in 3 weeks and, when I was on the side of a mountain in Portillo, Chile on a snowboarding trip! With limited internet access in the Andes Mountains I would have missed another buyer without Rick's relentless pursuit, availability, and attentiveness. Thank you again Rick. I couldn't have done this without you and, consider you a friend as well."

Brian B.
Tampa, FL

"My brother and I kept our 2016 Ferrari California T in The Vault for more than a year and were extremely pleased with the service and dedication Rick puts in to the operation. His professionalism and passion for the protection and security of the vehicles was truly evident. Rick was always available when we wanted to pick up or drop off the car and he was always great at communicating his schedule. We would highly recommend The Vault's Preservation and Storage Solutions for luxury car owners!"

Michael and David D.
Tampa, FL

"Rick is a dedicated and meticulous curator of our cars. He is available whenever we need to get a car out. He is vigilant in protecting the privacy of each of his clients. I'll never forget when Hurricane Irma was bearing down on the Tampa region and Rick slept in the Vault to ensure all our babies stayed safe. "The captain goes down with the ship," he said. Thank God it never came to that. We know our cars couldn't be in better hands. Thanks, Rick."

Marcy and Derek H.
Tampa, FL

"First of all, the pleasure was all mine, and it was deeply gratifying to know that my beloved Rolls Royce would find the kind of temporary home that it would expect (if it could talk, that is!), and which would be entirely within the scope of its maker's presumptions!

But seriously, finding you and "The Vault" was as much a delight as it was a Godsend. Your facility is marvelous in every respect, and like stepping into an otherwise unseen automobile fantasy land. The pride that you take in every detail in order to ensure the absolute best of care and meticulous attention is, as far as I am concerned, unmatched anywhere.

And you, Rick, have been wonderful in every respect, always positive and willing to look for answers throughout; your responsiveness to every possible need and communication is remarkable. You don't just run a facility; you share a dream of every car enthusiast, while offering a 110% solution to temporary storage of sometimes near priceless automobiles that often are their owners pride and joy. In a world when much is promised, and often not delivered, at "The Vault" newcomers will be in for a surprise. It's far better than even a glowing summation such as this can provide. Thank you again, and we will be seeing each other sooner rather than later I suspect!

I gave it a ceremonial wipe down, which it didn't need-there was virtually no residue of any kind on its exterior. It has not been cleaned in almost 2 months, which shows you how clean and sealed "The Vault" is!"

Tony C.
St. Petersburg, FL

"I can't thank you enough for the service that you have provided these past six months. From the storage of my luxury vehicle, shuttle service from the airport and sitting with the vehicles during the hurricane. After six months in storage, my car was returned in immaculate condition and right on time. Also, I very much appreciated the ongoing communications regarding updates on the Vault. I have had vehicles in storage for a good portion of the past 30 years and never have I felt better entrusting a car more than at The Vault."

Keith S.
St. Petersburg, FL

"The Vault has been invaluable to me during the renovation of my home. It was fantastic to find a place that I was totally confident in that my cars would be safe and well looked after. Rick takes more pride in the cars he stores than we do sometimes. If you're looking for a temporary or permanent place to keep your highly valuable cars, there is clearly no better, more secure place than the Vault."

Michael H.
Tampa, FL

"After 3 years at the Vault, I can't tell you how valuable your service has been to me. Not only has the Vault kept my 2 cars safe and secure, you have preserved the value of these important assets. As for your service and customer care, I can only say its a 10 out 10. You truly put your customers first. I will never forget your efforts during Hurricane Irma. There are few business owners that would leave their family during the peak of the storm and personally look after your customers cars at the Vault (that was true dedication to the Vault model). I would be a Vault customer for life if it wasn't for the relocation of my cars. Few of my vendors have also turned into a great friend like you. All my best and thanks again for your exceptional service and attention to detail. The Vault is a fantastic concept."

Ted M.
Tampa, FL

"The Vault was a great choice, as it's conveniently located, provides safe storage for any type of car, and also provides the opportunity to check out many interesting car-related pictures, not to mention the awesome gas pump collection. Also, it's always a pleasure to chat with Rick and hear some of his stories! There's no place in Florida like The Vault. I wouldn't have trusted my Classic '63 Lincoln with anyone else."

Daniel V.
New York City, NY

"The Vault made long-distance car buying trouble free and stress-free. Rick answered all of my questions fully and quickly and made all the arrangements (offer, purchase, shipping, preparation for licensing and title transfer) as smooth and easy as possible. I would gladly purchase another car from Rick and The Vault without any hesitation."

Alan B.
Palm Springs, CA

"Rick, I just wanted to thank you again! I received my Vintage Ferrari Gas Pump from The Vault today and it was even nicer than I would have expected, it exceeded my expectations completely. It definitely has the "WOW" factor! The workmanship was really nice inside and out. The Crating and Packaging for Transport to CA was perfect. Ready to plan my next Vintage Gas Pump from The Vault. Thanks again Rick!"

Bruce L.
Menlo Park, CA

"Thank you Rick for the enjoyable services at The Vault, what an amazing facility. I will always recommend The Vault to anyone in need of Preservation and Storage Solutions for their favorite cars."

Michael M.
Detroit, MI